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Amie on Design

Amie Yancey, co-star of Flipping Vegas, is the interior design genius behind the homes at Goliath Company. In her blog "Amie on Design,” Amie shares her design expertise on the latest trends and styles. If you love design and are looking to be inspired, check out her blog!

Pantone color of the year 2017: Greenery

In my last post, we talked about incorporating live greens into the home. Shortly after that article was published, Pantone came out with the new color of the year for 2017, and it couldn’t have been more perfect; they chose greenery! Now that we’re one month into 2017, I thought it was only fitting for us to discuss this earthy shade and look at some great uses for it in the home. What’s the deal with green? Did you know that different colors represent different emotions, and that these colors […]

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TREND ALERT: Incorporating Winter Greens Into Your Home Décor

This season, it’s all about natural greenery when it comes to the home décor scene. Sweeping pine boughs, luscious leaves, and flirty florals are taking center stage in all of my favorite winter masterpieces. Countless designers are now swapping the plastic foliage of the past for real-live greenery, which creates a more authentically “earthy” feel. Worried about your centerpiece drying up before the holiday soirées are over? You can keep this trend alive all season long by going halfsies with some fir-real (see what I did there?) and some faux […]

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Black is Back, and not Just for Halloween

We all know that black is a classic when it comes to all things fashion (hello, Little Black Dress), and the same goes for interior design. But the way in which designers use black when creating interiors does shift with time. Here are some ideas for incorporating black into your space, no matter the season. Pleased to meet you, Matte I’ve seen the trend in lipsticks and interiors alike–matte is all the rage right now. The trend is to incorporate matte items such as lamps, pendant lights, counter tops, or floors in […]

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Deck Your Halls for Fall

September is now in full swing, and that means October is on deck. Can you believe it’s almost fall, y’all? Although it may still be hot as Hades and some of us are having an especially hard time letting go of the final rays of summer, it’s impossible to deny the flutter of excited anticipation that is felt whenever phrases like “pumpkin spice” or “fuzzy socks” are mentioned. I cannot wait to whip out my favorite mug, unpack my cozy sweaters from their summer vacation storage bins, and embrace all […]

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The 3 Secrets to Give Your Closet a Celebrity Makeover

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves scrolling through Buzzfeed slideshows or articles with the latest photos of Hollywood’s hottest closets…Oh, that’s just me? I’m the only closet closet fan?? Well I’m not hiding anymore! I am always so blown away by the grandeur, the sophistication, and the exquisite beauty that celebrities (with the help of their designers) bring into a space that is typically the smallest room—if it can even qualify as a room at all—in most people’s houses. Some may say that the degree of attention to detail and […]

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