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Amie on Design

Amie Yancey, co-star of Flipping Vegas, is the interior design genius behind the homes at Goliath Company. In her blog "Amie on Design,” Amie shares her design expertise on the latest trends and styles. If you love design and are looking to be inspired, check out her blog!

Deck Your Halls for Fall

Fall basket

September is now in full swing, and that means October is on deck. Can you believe it’s almost fall, y’all? Although it may still be hot as Hades and some of us are having an especially hard time letting go of the final rays of summer, it’s impossible to deny the flutter of excited anticipation that is felt whenever phrases like “pumpkin spice” or “fuzzy socks” are mentioned. I cannot wait to whip out my favorite mug, unpack my cozy sweaters from their summer vacation storage bins, and embrace all […]

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The 3 Secrets to Give Your Closet a Celebrity Makeover


I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves scrolling through Buzzfeed slideshows or articles with the latest photos of Hollywood’s hottest closets…Oh, that’s just me? I’m the only closet closet fan?? Well I’m not hiding anymore! I am always so blown away by the grandeur, the sophistication, and the exquisite beauty that celebrities (with the help of their designers) bring into a space that is typically the smallest room—if it can even qualify as a room at all—in most people’s houses. Some may say that the degree of attention to detail and […]

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3 Simple Ways to Make Your “Kids’ Area” More Sophisticated


Whether you’re planning for your first baby, you have lots of little ones, or you’re a grandparent, you likely have a room or section of your home that has come to be known as “The Kids’ Space.” And I’m willing to bet that it is not always the most pristine, let alone the most approachable area. (Images of scattered Lego blocks and Barbie dolls with matted hair come to mind) If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. It can be tricky to maintain a kids’ room that is fun […]

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When Less Really Is More: A Shout out to Minimalist Design


In case you haven’t heard: Scandinavians know how to dress a room. They understand how to start with an understated color palette and a few simple pieces, and combine them to form a refined, welcoming living space. The end result is minimalist chic. This style works so well in fact, that elements of Scandinavian design can be found throughout the world—and after reading this article, you might find yourself inspired to bring it into your own home. So what is Scandinavian design anyway? Simply put, Scandinavian design is a collection […]

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The Two Colors You Need in Your Living Room Right Now

color of year

Okay, so who else is feeling the mid-summer, home décor slump? (Insert hand-raising emoji here) You know what I mean: It’s hot out, so you’re cooling off inside on your favorite armchair, and as you glance around your living room, you realize that you have had it up to here with that blah color scheme! #Relatable. Don’t worry, friends. There is a simple fix for this summertime slump. Four words: serenity and rose quartz. We may be halfway through the summer, not to mention halfway through 2016, but there is still […]

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