Black is Back, and not Just for Halloween

We all know that black is a classic when it comes to all things fashion (hello, Little Black Dress), and the same goes for interior design. But the way in which designers use black when creating interiors does shift with time. Here are some ideas for incorporating black into your space, no matter the season.

Pleased to meet you, Matte

I’ve seen the trend in lipsticks and interiors alike–matte is all the rage right now. The trend is to incorporate matte items such as lamps, pendant lights, counter tops, or floors in addition to you favorite go-to metallic pieces. Black is the perfect hue for a little matte inspiration, because the dark shade creates extremely clean lines in a matte finish.


50 Shades of Chic

As much as we love the color, our homes certainly do not need to be ALL black. Sometimes a gradient from Halloween-Cat-Black up to Moonlight Grey can be stunning. This way, you won’t feel like your home is an intergalactic black hole every time you walk in. Monochromatic is a simple color scheme to pull off, and it also lends itself to adding in thoughtful pops of color. This prevents a space from feeling too drab.


Accentuate the Posh-itive

If you’re really more of an all-white-everything kind of person and you’re not ready to jump over to the dark side, we still love you. If you are feeling brave though, try adding a few small pops of black along with your light and bright color scheme for a really fresh, mod vibe that maintains all of the airiness you love.


3 thoughts on “Black is Back, and not Just for Halloween

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