I was a $5-an-hour “errand runner” until my boss, Walter J. Plumb III, became my mentor. The key was that I got the training I needed to make a success of the real estate game.

To facilitate mentorship for the masses, I’ve partnered with Response — a company dedicated to providing world-class financial education tailored to the needs of goal-oriented individuals. Together, our training helps people find a pathway to personal freedom. We provide free introductory events, and a host of other services, including specialized classroom training and one-on-one help concentrating on your objectives and areas of focus.

At the free event, we hope you’ll be inspired to look closer at investing in real estate. Our real estate team can open the door of possibilities for you, sharing insights on the market and how you can get in the game. You are invited to participate and learn from these speakers to decide how you would like to move forward in real estate investing.

Don’t put off your investment potential another day. Sign up for this live wealth-building event and join others, just like you, to learn about how to invest smarter and stronger.

Response is driven by one overarching theme and purpose: the customer. They stand by the age old belief that the customer is a company’s greatest asset. With that ideology comes the responsibility to maintain a quality working relationship with those involved.

In an effort to continually improve as a training organization, they survey all of the Advanced Training Customers and receive feedback about their experience. The speakers, mentors, trainers and customer service team lead the industry in feedback scores.

Overall Experience Would Recommend Training % Surveys
4.76 98.14% 5,095