Why This Report?

Scam or legit 1

Whenever the word gets around that there’s a really great course, seminar or program about real estate investing, the first thing many people do is research online or in other ways to see if it’s just hype, a scam, or if there’s really value in the material and instructor(s).

To put this subject to rest about Scott Yancey’s Events, surveys of actual attendees were taken. Who is a better judge of the value of this type of material and instruction than people who have been through it. And, not just experienced investors, as many attendees have never invested in real estate or even in stocks or bonds.

Without delay, let’s get to some questions and the answers that were given from real people.


Do I need previous experience to Attend Scott’s events?

Let’s think first about why people invest in any asset. It’s to increase their net worth, and usually to fund a retirement lifestyle. Some are already investing in stocks and/or bonds, but others aren’t into any significant investing at all.

When asked why they chose to attend a Scott Yancey event, here is an interesting set of stats for the response Looking for ways to secure my retirement.

  • Almost 20% said this was their primary reason for attending.
  • 37% said it was their secondary reason.
  • 14% put it in the third most important reason.

Of course, some of these were already investing, but there was a significant group who indicated that they have not invested in any way in real estate before. Almost half as many who made additional real estate investment income their primary reason said that it was to secure their retirement. No duplication there.

So, we have a significant number who attended Scott’s event because they’re concerned about funding their desired retirement lifestyle, and they were mostly inexperienced or not investing in real estate at all.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as they were asked directly Have you ever invested in real estate or real estate related products besides your own residence?

A whopping 76%+ responded that they had not. They obviously attended to see if there was opportunity for them to profit in real estate investing, but also if they had the ability to do so. There is always concern about whether, as a newbie to real estate investing, can they learn the number-crunching, valuation calculation, negotiation strategies and other necessary “tools of the trade.”

Even more revealing, by an almost 2-to-1 margin, attendees said that they had never attended a similar event! We’re talking total newbies in real estate, and they’re at their first event to see if there are opportunities for them in real estate investment.

why real estate is great for new investors

Let’s think for a moment about the alternatives. The stock markets are pretty volatile and can be high risk. High or safe return goals in the stock market investment approach or the lower risk bond investing approach, you’re either in a risky environment or settling for low returns.

Let’s think about the average Joe sitting at the kitchen table and wondering what to do to really get going on retirement investing without a lot of risk. They read the news, watch the investment shows on cable TV, and they are a little scared about the choices.

Then they read about the differences in real estate investment related to risk and reward. After all, risk-vs-reward is what it’s all about. The lower the risk with greater reward, the happier the investor. Once they learn a little about these differences, real estate investing gets interesting.

No experience, just interest. Does that describe your situation today?

Why have others attended?

We touched on this previously. A large segment of attendees say they wanted to find ways to secure their retirement. That’s a clear statement, but there’s a lot of concern for the future in the background.

The stock market is too risky

Let’s think about why this relatively large group of people with no real estate investment experience chose a Scott Yancey event as their first fact-finding mission to learn if real estate investing is for them.

If you haven’t been watching the stock markets lately, to say that they are volatile is an understatement. Even the professionals are often caught in downdrafts that can wipe out months or even years of portfolio gains. We go to an amusement park to ride a roller coaster, not to our investment advisor.

It’s pretty discouraging and very scary to go for years eking out reasonable annual returns in stocks, and then overnight something scares the markets and you’re booted backward 20% or more. It took years to build it, and it took 24 hours to mortally wound it.

Yes, in most cases if you hold, you’ll get back most or all of what you lost. But, if it takes years to get there, those are totally lost years. You were simply making up for past losses, not gaining ground.

the bond market barely keeps up with inflation

Yes, there are lower risk profiles in bonds, especially government bonds. But, what good does it do to earn two to four percent returns when inflation is running in the same lane? You don’t invest to hold your own. You want to grow your assets, not just maintain them.

The return from municipal bonds in 2015 was around 2.5%. Inflation has been relatively tame recently, but even at the tame 0.7% inflation rate for 2015, this reduces the net return from your municipal bonds to 1.8%. You’re not looking at a lavish retirement with those numbers.

Don’t think that the old adage that municipal bonds are safe still holds true. Whole cities are going bankrupt leaving bondholders holding the bag. Corporate bonds have a history of being higher return reasonable risks, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a General Motors bondholder who can agree with that after that company’s bankruptcy.

TV Flipping Shows

This one is coming up a lot these days, as there seems to be a big popularity push for flipping shows. And, Scott will not bad-mouth flipping because he’s done really well in that niche. But, it’s not the only, or arguably always even the best real estate investment strategy.

Sure, Scott shares some really valuable strategy and technique information about real estate wholesaling and flipping. It still works, and it can be really profitable for those who prefer the short term investment approach. The good news is that these flipping shows are generating interest among wannabe investors who have never dabbled in real estate.

The beauty of real estate investing is that there are strategies for many different timeline and profit goals.

How Motivated do I Have to Be to Get Value from the Event?

Let’s put this into a context you likely haven’t been exposed to before. So many real estate investment seminars and events are highly focused on motivation. The necessary ingredient to spur action through motivation is talking great results and saying “you can do it!”

Over and over, the fruits of successful strategies are displayed and awesome lifestyles are portrayed. The attendees see yachts, ski condos, beach hideaways and fun destinations. These are all funded by successful real estate deals. Perhaps that’s the issue. It’s all about deals and not a business attitude and a process. It’s all about motivational statements like “you can do this,” instead of the approach that actually builds true value in the event and doing it right.

the only motivation you need is to want a better financial future

Scott Yancey didn’t start out with a motivation-oriented trainer. His grandfather, a successful real estate investor, taught him the ropes riding around with him at a very young age. It’s those “ropes” that Scott wants to share with his students in his events.

Your motivation shouldn’t be focused on the tools and process. All the motivation you need should only be related to improving your financial future. If you’re extremely motivated and middle-aged, you may want to accelerate your learning curve and take on more aggressive strategies. After all, you have less time than the youngsters.

If you’re in the millennial generation or even a 30-something, you have a lot more time. You don’t need a whole lot of enthusiastic motivation. You’re into your daily life and your career. But, you do understand that you need to begin to take action to fund a better future and retirement.

You can even be a casual investor who gets bored and likes the idea of fixing up and selling a house at a profit when you’re in the mood. Or, you like the idea of buying rental homes ready for a tenant and banking positive cash flow every month without a whole lot of headaches.

One of the most enticing things about real estate investment is that there are a number of ways to make money, from passive to very active. Motivation is relative; relative to your goals and lifestyle. Excitement isn’t a pre-requisite, though it does make the learning curve more fun.

just curiosity is motivation enough

Perhaps you’re doing OK with your current investments, but you think a change may be appropriate. Or, you want to take profits in other investments and you’re looking at options for reinvestment.

Motivation is relative to intensity of goals. If you have some goals for investing but you don’t want to get overly involved or excited, then there’s something for you in Scott’s events. If you have a dream of becoming a fulltime real estate investor, involved in every deal and negotiation, you’ll find plenty of support and motivational instruction in Scott’s events.

What Prior Research Should I do Before the Event?

Let’s get right down to it. You really need to prep before you come to a Scott Yancey event! Here’s a brief list of what you should bring with you:

  • A pen and pad if you want to write something down.
  • A desire to improve your financial future, OR
  • A desire to do some real estate investing to have some fun, OR
  • A desire to become a real estate investment guru with a huge portfolio and a lavish retirement lifestyle.

Any or all of the above are what you need to think about bringing with you.

As far as research, here’s what you need to know or don’t show up!

  • A house is a structure in which people live.
  • Everybody needs a place to live.
  • Some people buy their houses and other people rent.
  • You can make money buying and reselling houses.
  • You can make money fixing up houses.
  • There’s long term profit in owning rental properties.
  • You can start with little or none of your own cash.

OK, those are pre-requisites. There’s no doubt that you know what you need to know to attend Scott’s event. Seems too easy doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Profitable real estate investing isn’t rocket science, but it helps to know what a rocket looks like and which direction to point it. As far as risk, knowing which end the fire comes out of is pretty important too!

Yes, there’s a lot of math involved in rocket science. And, there’s some math involved in real estate investment. After all, you need to count your dollars to know how many you’ve made. But, all of that will be revealed to you, so don’t worry or stress out about it before you arrive. You’ll not be singled out for embarrassment with a trick question.

you’re the “Want to be prepared” type

OK, you’re the person who wants to show up prepared for the surprise question the presenter asks to let someone showcase their prior knowledge. If you find it absolutely necessary to do prior research and look like the whiz kid, you may want to:

  • Learn about your market area and neighborhoods; just drive around.
  • Check out open houses just to get into the real estate mood.
  • Watch a few of those flipping shows if you want to get excited!

But, if you’re still not convinced, here are the survey results for the question: After you registered, what research, if any, did you do to prepare for this event? (select all that apply)

Scam or legit 2More than 50% of responses were that they did no research whatsoever. They got dressed and showed up. That’s all you really need to do as well.

Really, there’s no need for prior research before attending one of Scott’s events. Everything you need to know to get a good foothold in real estate investment is about to be revealed to you. Relax and just show up with that pen and pad.

What Do Others Say Made their Attendance a Success?

A lot of preparation goes into a Scott Yancey event. A ton of experience, a lot of real life investment stories are shared, and the nuts and bolts of doing it right are all part of the deal. It would be easy for us to just tell you what you’ll learn that will make you successful, but that’s just marketing. Why not let attendees tell you from their perspectives?

Everett B.

I’m in my 50s and have a retirement plan with my employer. I also dabble in the stock market, but I’ve found that I don’t enjoy the extensive research it takes to pick a stock winner. That’s not to mention when they have a bad earnings quarter and I lose money anyway.

I attended Scott’s event just to see if there was enough opportunity to take my stock dabbling account and turn to real estate for better results. I wasn’t disappointed. The most interesting thing I learned was that there are a number of ways to profit from real estate investment without necessarily buying and selling homes.

Sally r.

I am recently divorced and a single parent mostly. I have a good career and a little bit of money free for investing. My biggest question coming into the event was if I have enough money to get started. My concern was quickly gone, as I was exposed to not only low or no cash strategies, but also the many sources of funding for real estate investors. I’m excited about my new business!

Brian and Janet C.

We’re in our 30s and both have pretty good jobs. We see that social security isn’t something we can rely on, and our goal in attending Scott’s event was to see how we can put our free cash into investments that would be low risk but higher yield than stocks or bonds. Our primary goal is funding a comfortable retirement.

We are open to full time investing, but our careers right now are important. We were hoping to learn ways to get a good start while staying in our jobs and possibly moving to full time later. We weren’t disappointed.

The Ball’s in Your Court

Scott Yancey is looking forward to your attendance. It’s his privilege and goal to help people to secure their futures through real estate investment. It’s not about motivation, though that helps. It’s about learning the nuts and bolts that make success a slam dunk.