Let’s Talk About Floors!

When you think about the prettiest room you’ve ever seen, what features stand out to you? The furniture? The light fixtures? The artwork? Unless you’re a hardwood enthusiast, you probably didn’t think of flooring first and foremost. But the flooring in a room can have a huuuuge impact on the overall feel of the space. From tiles to carpets, today we’re going to talk about all things floor. After all, many projects in life start from the ground up, so why not make the ground look fabulous?

The Floor of Focus: Hardwood

My take on the Trend: Gray Finishing

Wood flooring has been deemed high class for decades. It’s high quality, it’s durable, and it’s beautiful. Both natural and stained wood floors will not likely go out of fashion in the near future. But in recent months, there has been a new twist on this classic option—gray! This somber take on wood floors gives a cool vibe and provides a gorgeous background for nearly any color scheme. Gray looks beautiful against stark whites, natural browns, as well as bold pops of color. So whether you choose to add gray wood to your kitchen or the entirety of your open-concept space, it is going to look fabulous, darling.

The Floor of Focus: Tile

My take on the Trend: Encaustic

If you do not yet know what encaustic tile is, not to worry! But please—for your own enjoyment and personal enrichment—pause and take a moment to Pinterest it immediately. Encaustic tile is not a new thing. In fact, the technology for producing it has been around since the medieval period. It is a type of patterned ceramic tile that is made using various colors of clay. The result is typically an intricate geometric design that can be arranged in a variety of ways (depending on how you group the individual tiles together). So although it’s been around since basically the beginning of time, this type of tile has made a major resurgence of popular in the fashionable home

lately. In addition to making an uber-trendy bathroom or laundry room floor, this stuff looks unbelievably chic almost anywhere in the home—even as a kitchen backsplash. Plus, you can totally customize it to your personal taste, whether you’re a black and white purist or a fan of fanciful blue hues.

The Floor of Focus: Carpet

My take on the Trend: Rug Layering

Having trendy flooring does not have to mean sacrificing all comfort. Wood and tile floors look amazing, but I’m not about to go lie down and take an afternoon nap on either of those surfaces. Style can have a soft side too, am I right? This is where carpets and rugs come in. If you ever peruse the Instagram accounts of many of today’s designers, you will see a recurrence of fun rugs everywhere. The latest way to style rugs is to select a couple rugs in varying sizes and textures, then offset them on top of one another to create a layered look. And here you were, thinking that trick only applied to clothing 😉 Below are inspiration photos of a variety of rugs. Take some time to find your own rug mojo and get to layering!

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