Pantone color of the year 2017: Greenery

In my last post, we talked about incorporating live greens into the home. Shortly after that article was

published, Pantone came out with the new color of the year for 2017, and it couldn’t have been more

perfect; they chose greenery! Now that we’re one month into 2017, I thought it was only fitting for us to

discuss this earthy shade and look at some great uses for it in the home.

What’s the deal with green?

Did you know that different colors represent different emotions, and that these colors can actually

influence your mood, simply by having them in a room? Colors have a large impact on humans’

emotional state, so it is critical to select an appropriate shade for every area in your home. The

psychology behind the color green is very encouraging, making it a perfect one to add to your life. Green

has been described as symbolizing harmony, freshness, and emotional safety. Green is also said to have

healing power! It represents stability, endurance, and hope ( What a perfect

symbol for this new year—a fresh start.

Where can you incorporate the color greenery in your home?

Greenery is an unobtrusive color, which makes it extremely versatile as an interior color. Green is also

gender neutral, adaptable to all seasons, and can be easily incorporated with an array of color schemes.

Let’s take a look at my top three picks of where to add 2017’s favorite color.

1. The Office

A home office is an excellent place to throw in this new hue. Fun pops of the revitalizing shade will liven

up your workspace and promote tranquility—and who doesn’t need a little more of that in their place of

work? The best part is that adding the color greenery to your office is quick and easy. All it takes is an

easy breezy trip to your favorite office supply store for a couple new folders, pens, document clips, and

voila! Your office is now a lean, clean, green machine.

2. The Kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps an obvious place to give a greenery upgrade. Why? Because a lot of the items

that you already have in the kitchen are naturally green! Who says that interior design can’t overlap

with grocery shopping? New time you’re at the market, buy a few extra limes, stick them in a decorative

bowl, and bam—you have an oh-so-chic display of this year’s hottest color. Alternatively, purchase a

couple of grow-it-yourself herbs and plant them in whitewashed boxes on your counter. Now there’s a

practical and stylish hack. For a more non-living addition, look for a gingham dishtowel that comes in the

color greenery, and hang it up. Double bonus: you’re ready for St. Patty’s day a month in advance.

3. The Bedroom or Living Area

As you can see, greenery truly is a versatile shade. It works in the office, it works in the kitchen, and you

bet it will look great in your living spaces as well. If you already have a neutral palette going on in your

bedroom (we all love a dreamy white bed) then consider adding a couple pillow shams in the shade

greenery. If you’re feeling more adventurous, go crazy and add a greenery accent wall. I also love the

idea of framing a green image (like some tropical green leaves), as displayed in the living space above.

If you’re looking for some additional inspiration on how to pair the Pantone color of the year 2017,

Greenery, with other colors, take a look at the combinations Pantone created on their website:


Here are a couple of my favorites:

What do you think? Are you a fan of greenery as this year’s highlighted hue?




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