Scott Yancey worked hard to become the real estate guru he is today. Before the 2007-08 market crash Yancey and his wife, Amie Yancey, had built a small empire developing land and learning the ins and outs of real estate. However, when the market crashed Yancey thought his future in real estate had come to a screeching halt.

Yancey’s first reaction was to retreat to his vacation home in Mexico and wait out the bad economic and real estate times. However, that isn’t in Yancey to just stop working. He soon realized a huge need to buy run down houses that had fallen victim to the crash, renovate them, and then sell the homes to potential buyers. As Yancey began to flip homes across the Las Vegas landscape his success captured the attention of a few large television networks.

Currently, Scott and Amie have their own hit show on A&E called, Flipping Vegas. This show not only captures this charismatic couple’s high paced-lives, but also teaches others how to successfully flip a house as well. Although the market crash gave Yancey an unexpected turn in life he was able to evolve with the ever-changing market and seize an opportunity that was just too good to be true.

Watch Scott and Amie flip the bustling landscape of Las Vegas on A&E or follow them on Twitter to see what unique situations they find themselves in this week.

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