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When Less Really Is More: A Shout out to Minimalist Design

In case you haven’t heard: Scandinavians know how to dress a room. They understand how to start with an understated color palette and a few simple pieces, and combine them to form a refined, welcoming living space. The end result is minimalist chic. This style works so well in fact, that elements of Scandinavian design can be found throughout the world—and after reading this article, you might find yourself inspired to bring it into your own home. So what is Scandinavian design anyway? Simply put, Scandinavian design is a collection […]

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How to Establish Credit to Buy Property

When you are starting out, buying real estate to flip can seem a bit overwhelming. You will commonly be looking at dollar signs with larger numbers than you are used to. With the median home price in the US hovering close to $200,0001 at the time of this writing, buying even one piece of real estate to flip or invest in can be much more money than you have on hand. So how in the world are you supposed to come up with the cash? Most real estate investors do not […]

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color of year

The Two Colors You Need in Your Living Room Right Now

Okay, so who else is feeling the mid-summer, home décor slump? (Insert hand-raising emoji here) You know what I mean: It’s hot out, so you’re cooling off inside on your favorite armchair, and as you glance around your living room, you realize that you have had it up to here with that blah color scheme! #Relatable. Don’t worry, friends. There is a simple fix for this summertime slump. Four words: serenity and rose quartz. We may be halfway through the summer, not to mention halfway through 2016, but there is still […]

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6 Tips for Property Inspections

When buying property you can eliminate or at least minimize the chances of costly surprises by knowing what to look for when inspecting property. If you are flipping property the information you gather during inspection will help you estimate any rehab expenses. Depending on your area you can hire a property inspector for a few hundred dollars to inspect and report on properties you are buying. Property inspections do not include the following, for which particular licenses are required to inspect and identify: Asbestos Radon Gas Lead Paint Toxic Mold […]

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7 Easy Tips to Grow Your Real Estate Business and Still Have a Life!

Working to grow your real estate business can easily take over your life. There is always something to do. Even weekends are a busy time in this business as there are new listings, open houses, and phone calls for prospecting. Hungry beginners commonly see the money to be made and go at the business like a nomad lost in the desert that stumbles upon a buffet. If you are not careful, you will overload your plate with business and your relationships, family, and peace of mind will take a back […]

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Joel Fixed

What is a Real Estate Offer to Purchase?

A real estate offer to purchase is like a shot in hockey. And as the great Wayne Gretzy said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” In real estate, you will miss out on every deal you do not write an offer for. In order to get the deals in real estate you need to write offers. Some will be rejected, some will result in counter offers, and a few will be accepted immediately I have seen beginning real estate investors freeze when the time comes to make […]

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